Meet Bukky


I'm an image and impact coach, civility advocate and master trainer, I help you get unstuck, initiate change, take steps that inspire growth. I'm the founder of BOW - Bukky Odusote Worldwide. On completing 36 YouTube episodes of character building storytelling time to support families with young children during the 2020 Pandemic lockdown and homeschooling in May, it left me with a strong impression (a bible verse) of the vital role visualising goals plays in it's actualisation - "Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart." Proverbs 4:21 NIV this spurred me to create a T-shirt similar to the one I handcrafted (stitching lettered pieces of African prints on an old T-shirt); my costume for the storytelling episodes. That design was what birth the Afro Graphic Prints we now have for sale on The BOW Store UK website.
The BOW Store UK is the one stop shop for a Game changer! The brand was created in 2020 with the goal of inspiring action in individuals who love to go all out and show out their distinguishing qualities while they intensify all efforts to ensure a civilised society, one where positive people treatment, respect, compassion and justice is prevalent.
Our Mission
Gone are the days when more is expected and no example to direct. The change we crave needs to be before us daily, this is where affirmation and visualisation come into play.
Our designs are created for this very reason; to initiate change, inspire action and attract the desired growth and movement we've longed for, a more civilised world.
"Ethics (the standard of moral behaviour accepted by society) is caught more than
Wouldn't it be great if the boss/leader walked the talk and set an example?Imagine you slay all self doubt and look confident all year round because you have an incredible apparel that's a reminder of your commitment to civility and duty to support others to become their best self.
We must do better by making sure people are made accountable for their actions.
Our apparels speak out, where others choose to be silent.
Get ready to look steezy all year round in our distinguished Core Value apparels.
Each one reach one.
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