What’s in it for me? Help is powerful, be free to fly in this power of 6.

What’s in it for me? Help is powerful, be free to fly in this power of 6.


What’s in it for me? A term we’re all very familiar with and one which attest to the fact that people are most likely than not expecting a benefit of some sort in exchange for their offering. In essence no gains no help.

In an era where most are seeking instant gratification over and beyond what should matter the most (long term benefits).

You don’t know what you don’t know unless you are told and this is pretty much responsible for the actions. But then how can they know if they are not told?

This brings me to why I decided to share these nuggets; I must say, no assumptions are made that we all know and there are no doubts that some need reminding every now and then, to address life stages and events that can sometimes creep in, interrupting things.

Discover six benefits you could be missing out on.


Good Feeling and Wellbeing.

Helping others have been proven to leave such feel good impression on you that causes you to do more and the feel good chemicals released during your experience ensures a state of wellbeing. A young lady who once shared her experience with me expressed her delight over the fulfilment she felt after performing her duty of warmly welcoming members and visitors to church on a Sunday morning. He experience attests to the feel good claim and this takes me this excerpt from the bible. “Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time.” Proverbs 17:22 GNT


Confidence Boost.

The joy you derive from helping others reach their goals helps in building your self esteem, making you more confident in handing situations. Then you’re encouraged to keep putting yourself forward anytime an opportunity arises to help.


Fulfilment of Purpose.

Lending a helping hand I’ve been told over and over by many that it gives them a sense of accomplishment and joy that they are doing what they’re born to do. Many have gone on to build lasting initiatives from this. I remember a friend who offered to help other mums returning to work with their babies and toddlers and from that kind gesture started her childminding business, the business evolved to a thriving and successful nursery and primary education.


Change of perspective.

When you help others, you see them in their low and when they eventually reach their goal. This experience tends to automatically change your perspective about how you see and handle situations going forward. You see possibilities and navigate issues differently from how you did in time past because you’re more hopeful. A lady who once set out to raise funds to help another lady who’s child was diagnosed with a life threatening illness was elated at the overwhelming response that it changed her approach of dealing with situations from then on.


Restores your Peace.

When you set out to help others, you are most likely able to reduce your stress level by stressing less about your individual challenge and focusing on that of the other individual.

In so doing you’re able to clear your mind of the things that impacts on your peace. Invariable you’re able to think and come up with less stressful solutions. Reaching out during this difficult times is a way of ensuring you’re less stressed about the impact the lockdown may be having on so many.



When you help others you are open to their world and sometimes seeing their struggles helps you to be more grateful for your life. In so doing, you become more thankful for what you have and where you are rather than the entitlement attitude you probably had prior to witnessing the challenges of others.


In what other ways can helping benefit the helper? We’ll like your contribution. Remember to share with someone who can benefit from the tips.

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